My Diary (GoingAbroad)

1st Day

This all started one morning when I received a call and I realised I had won a trip to London to improve my English! I would stay with a family who lived there.
Quickly I told to my mum and I began to make my luggage.
The 22nd May I took the plane ,I was very nervous about everithing. Would I make new friends…?

Finally, I arrived and the woman, who would be my mother during those days, came to get me. Later we went home to unpack the suitcases and talk to meet us better.

2nd Day

This time with my British family was absolutely amazing. They are very friendly. For example, last weekend, my british mum takes me to London city, so I could go sightseeing. It was BREATH-TAKING! I visited Trafalgar Square, the London Eye, the Big Ben...

I'm looking forward to spend more time with them!! :)

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