miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

Raffle WON!! See the INTERVIEW!!

This is a model of a meeting with some official situaton.
We think it could help you in that cases.

So let's see it. YOU WILL LIKE IT! (It's not a question. YOU WILL. WITHOUT ANY DOUBT ¬.¬)

My Irish experience! :D

Last year, I was in Irlanda and I had so much fun that I decided to come back this year too. I am making new friends and learning English. During the first week, before breakfast, we have froggygames but I don’t like them. After breakfast, we have classes every morning. My favourite thing about the morning is croissants with nocilla!
After lunch we have more English classes and then we go to the swimming pool, and it is always so funny! Then we usually do Olympic Games, playing different sports with our Olympic teams in order to win points. After that, we have a shower, have dinner and we go to a different party every night!

There are special days. I overjoyed when we went to an amusement park that it was great. There’s also a special night, “The Oscar’s Night” when we have dinner with our friends and they give us “Oscars”. It will be an unforgettable experience, I recommend you try it.

domingo, 1 de diciembre de 2013

What is an Exchange? 

 We can defined as a method that serves a group of people to learn a language and culture of other countries and of course to make new friends and visiting new places.

  • You will improve your fluency in a foreign language.
  • You know another culture and be part of it.
  • Will change the way you see life and the world and you will be more flexible, with a more open attitude towards society.
  • Meet other international students and you will make friends for life.
  • You'll learn to solve problems by yourself
  • You will learn to adapt to new people, new cultures, new places (different forms of life)
  • you will live an experience you'll remember always

We advise all of you to sign up to an exchange because this will open many doors in your future and don’t be afraid of can feel like a fish out of the water :)

What is the meaning of "going abroad"?

 It is an exchange in which one person go to another country with another family 

to learn their language, their customs, their way of life ... One member of the family 

who is probably more or less your age, after or before you spend a few days at his 

or her home, will also come to yours in order to learn from your country. In 

addition, it will be a fun experience and also is very educational and suitable for 

any type of person willing to teach and learn from others. 

Advantages of “going abroad”

 You can learn about another country and other cities. You learn the customs and 

lifestyle of the people of that country, in addition, you could learn more about the 

language. You gain more experience because you practice the language. You know 

new people and make new friends. You enjoy a new experience. You can 

visit monuments, churches, cathedrals, museums... that you've never seen before. 

In short, it is a very enriching experience.